[NEWS] How PTCL Harnesses the Power of Artificial Intelligence

在世界電信日,聯合國成員國舉辦提高認識會議,舉辦研討會,舉辦專題研討會和會議,探討未來的可能性,並激發對今年主題各個方面的思考和交流。 今年WTISD的主題是“全民人工智能”,其目的是通過規劃其潛力到2030年加速和加速聯合國可持續發展目標(SDGs)的潛力,從而積極利用人工智能。

On the World Telecommunication Day, the UN member countries organise awareness sessions, hold seminars and conduct special workshops and conferences to explore future possibilities and stimulate reflection and exchange of ideas about the various aspects of the theme of the year. This year the theme for the WTISD is ‘Artificial Intelligence for All’ with a view to enabling the positive use of artificial intelligence by mapping out its potential to expedite and accelerate the pace of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations by 2030.

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