[NEWS] Pakistan at Bottom of Agri R&D Spending in South Asia

糧農組織(FAO)巴基斯坦代表Mina Dowlatchahi表示,有效的農村發展戰略是實現可持續發展目標的核心。

她表示,今天農村發展模式成功的概念不僅關係到經濟增長,人均收入和生產量的增長,還包括對生活質量變化的社會評估,如改善健康和營養,教育 ,環境安全的生活條件,減少性別和收入不平等以及糧食安全。 她補充說,農村發展是以農業經濟多元化為特徵的結構轉型過程的重要組成部分。

Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) Pakistan Representative, Mina Dowlatchahi said that effective rural development strategies are central in achieving the SDGs.

She stated that today’s concept of successful rural development models concerns not only with improvements in economic growth, per capita income, and production output but it also includes the social assessment of changes in the quality of life, such as improvement in health and nutrition, education, environmentally safe living conditions, and reduction in gender and income inequalities and food security. She added, rural development is essential part of the process for structural transformation characterised by diversification of the economy away from agriculture.

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