[NEWS] Global Youth Forum Discusses Smart, Green Cities

亞太和平與發展服務聯盟(APPDSA)於5月14日和15日在加德滿都Tripureshwar組織了一個為期兩天的“智能和綠色城市裝備青年社會企業實現可持續發展目標”的會議.APDSA成立於 於2014年10月28日在曼谷啟動了亞洲及太平洋300名青年領袖和聯合國會議中心(賠償委員會)的其他與會者的論壇,包括政府和私營部門的代表進行熱烈的辯論和討論 關於環境,衛生服務,災難,和平文化和青年創業的集群。

Asia-Pacific Peace and Development Service Alliance (APPDSA) organized a two-day conference on the topic of ‘Smart and Green Cities Equipping Youth Social Enterprise to Achieve Sustainable Development Goals’ at Tripureshwar in Kathmandu on May 14 and 15. APPDSA was formed under initiation of a forum of 300 young leaders of Asia and the Pacific and other participants at the United Nations Conference Center (UNCC) in Bangkok on 28 October 2014, including representatives of governments and the private sectors, for lively debates and discussion on many challenges in clusters concerning the environment, health service, disaster, culture of peace and youth entrepreneurship.

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