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[NEWS] Embracing the SDGs: Pakistan’s latest progress report

要實現可持續發展目標,只有通過作出重大調整才能結束這個分裂。 在存在各種歧視的情況下,不能提供平等的機會。 我們的國家受到治理不善和社會不公的危害。 我們應該思考超越該省,氏族和社會經濟地位的邊界。 繁榮需要智慧,勤奮和多元化。

Meeting SDGs is only possible by making drastic changes to put an end to this division. Equal opportunities can’t be offered in the presence of discrimination of all kinds. Our country is jeopardized by the bad the governance coupled with social injustice. We should think beyond the borders of the province, clan, and socio-economic status. Prosperity demands wisdom, hard work, and plurality.

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