[NEWS] Nobel laureate Yunus on “A World of Three Zeroes”

尤努斯深信,零貧困,零失業和零碳排放的世界是非常可能的。 他表示,聯合國和世界各國正在努力實現可持續發展目標(SDGs),這是由聯合國製定的17項全球經濟和社會目標之一,將於2030年達成。可持續發展目標的目標之一是實現零貧困目標。

尤努斯指出,儘管可持續發展目標沒有提到零碳排放量,但人們普遍認識到改善環境。 但經濟學家堅持認為,到2040年或2050年應該達到零淨碳排放量。

Yunus is convinced that a world of zero poverty, zero unemployment, and zero carbon emissions is very much possible. He says the United Nations and the world’s nations are working towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a set of 17 global economic and social targets set by the UN to be reached by 2030. One of the goals of the SDGs aims at zero poverty.

Yunus notes that though the SDGs don’t talk about zero carbon emissions, there is a general awareness for improvement of the environment. But the economist is insisting that we should reach zero net carbon emissions by 2040 or 2050.

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