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[NEWS] The 2018 Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals: an All-new Visual Guide to Data and Development

我們很高興發布2018年可持續發展目標圖集。 新出版物包含超過180張地圖和圖表,顯示了進展中的社會對17個可持續發展目標的貢獻。

它充滿了註釋數據可視化,可以從源代碼和數據中重複構建。 您可以在線查看SDG Atlas,下載PDF出版物(30Mb),並訪問數據背後的數據和源代碼。

We’re pleased to release the 2018 Atlas of Sustainable Development Goals. With over 180 maps and charts, the new publication shows the progress societies are making towards the 17 SDGs.

It’s filled with annotated data visualizations, which can be reproducibly built from source code and data. You can view the SDG Atlas onlinedownload the PDF publication (30Mb), and access the data and source code behind the figures.

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