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[NEWS] Celebrating Menstruation, from Menarche to Menopause


在馬拉維的一所小學採取主動行動。 每個星期五,一群女學生聚集在Salima區的Lifidzi小學為他們預留的房間裡。 在這裡,他們學習如何使用當地可用的材料製作衛生護墊。 他們還聽取有關性健康和生殖健康的信息,包括在哪裡獲得服務,學習交流和人際關係技巧。

The cycle of poverty is a complex phenomenon, yet an intervention that tackles just one of its elements can make a world of difference.

Take an initiative at a primary school in Malawi. Every Friday, a group of schoolgirls gather in a room that has been set aside for them at Lifidzi Primary School in Salima District. Here, they learn how to make sanitary pads using locally available materials. They also listen to information on sexual and reproductive health, including where to access services, and learn communication and interpersonal relationship skills.

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