[NEWS] Nigeria’s Declining Industrial Production

非洲開發銀行(AfDB)上週三表示,尼日利亞的工業價值在2012年和今年之間下降了41%。 在非洲開發銀行2018年年會在韓國釜山展覽和會議中心舉行的開幕式上發表主旨演講時,其總裁Akinwumi Adesina博士透露,非洲大陸2012年和今年共損失了720億美元 年,尼日利亞,南非,埃及和阿爾及利亞是工業生產增加值增幅下降的主要原因。 非洲開發銀行的老闆指出,工業產值的損失是造成非洲大量失業的原因。 他補充說,該銀行計劃在未來10年投資超過350億美元,以扭轉非工業化趨勢。

NIGERIA’s industrial value dropped by 41 per cent between 2012 and this year, the African Development Bank (AfDB) indicated last Wednesday. Delivering a keynote address  at the opening ceremony of the 2018 annual meeting of the AfDB at the Busan Exhibition and Convention Centre, South Korea, its president, Dr. Akinwumi Adesina, revealed that the African continent lost a total of $72 billion between 2012 and this year, with Nigeria, South Africa, Egypt and Algeria accounting for most of the drop in value added through industrial production. This loss of industrial production value, the AfDB boss noted, was responsible for massive unemployment on the continent. He added that the bank planned to invest over $35 billion in the next 10 years in a bid to reverse the de-industrialisation trend.

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