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[NEWS] Rs676b Released for Uplift Projects

政府在2017-2018年公共部門發展計劃(PSDP)下發布了6762.8億盧比用於各種正在進行的和新的計劃,總撥款達到1001億盧比。 根據規劃,發展和改革部發布的最新數據,發放的資金包括聯邦政府部門的1708億盧比和特殊領域的640億盧比。

在這些撥款中,政府已為國家公路管理局釋放了2539.8億盧比,其中2017年至18年的撥款為3247.2億盧比,而WAPDA(電力)的撥款總額為405.5億盧比 分配609億盧比。

The government has released over Rs 676.28 billion under its Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP) 2017-18 for various ongoing and new schemes against the total allocations of Rs 1,001 billion. The released funds include Rs 170.8 billion for federal ministries and Rs 64 billion for special areas, according to latest data released by Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform.

Out of these allocations, the government has released Rs 253.98 billion for National Highway Authority for which Rs 324.72 billion have been allocated for the year 2017-18, whereas for WAPDA (Power), an amount of Rs 40.55 billion has been released out of total allocation of Rs 60.9 billion.

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