[NEWS] Towards a More Proactive Approach to Preventing Violent Extremism

暴力極端主義仍然是對許多社會的持續威脅,並且已經蔓延到各個國家,地區和衝突。 世界比以往任何時候都需要一個強大而協調的聯合國,能夠履行維持和促進國際和平與安全的使命。


Violent extremism remains a persistent threat to many societies and it has spread across countries, regions and conflicts. More than ever, the world needs a strong and coordinated UN that can fulfill its mandate to maintain and promote international peace and security.

This week (23-24 May), UNDP Oslo Governance Centre, in partnership with the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will host the Second Global Meeting on Preventing Violent Extremism.

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