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[NEWS] UNITE 2030: Hack for the SDGs

UNITE 2030是一個虛擬的,為期兩天的可持續發展目標的黑客馬拉松。

Unite 2030的使命是聯合下一代世界變革者,通過將激情轉化為行動來點燃社會變革。

UNITE 2030是一次體驗,而不僅僅是一場比賽。 這是情感,激動人心,合作,並會改變你對世界的看法!

UNITE 2030 is a virtual, 2-day hackathon for the Sustainable Development Goals.

The mission of Unite 2030 is to unite the next generation of world changers in order to ignite social change by turning their passion into action.

UNITE 2030 is an experience, not just a competition. It’s emotional, exciting, collaborative, and will change your outlook on the world!

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