[NEWS] JUST PUBLISHED: The Responsible Business Trends Report 2018

年度負責任企業趨勢報告現已進入第四次發布,其中包含來自全球1,542名專業人士的反饋和洞察力。 在Ethical Corp社區內,花時間分享他們在我們調查中的經驗和展望。 平均而言,在四年期間,該報告收錄了來自1,900名企業高管的反饋。

在整個報告中,與我們過去的三個年度報告可以追溯到2015年進行比較。該報告獨家由Ethical Corporation全球社區的主要數據驅動,可以作為組織的基準,以了解可持續和負責任的企業如何演變和存在 在全球運作。

The annual Responsible Business Trends report, now in its 4th iteration, features feedback and insight from 1,542 business professionals from across the globe. within the Ethical Corp community that took the time to share their experiences and outlooks in our survey. On average, across the 4-year period, the report has featured feedback from 1,900 business executives.

Throughout the report there are comparisons made against our past three annual reports dating back to 2015. Exclusively driven by primary data from the Ethical Corporation global community, the report can serve as a benchmark for organisations to understand how sustainable and responsible business is evolving and being operationalised around the globe.

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