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[NEWS] Deep Time Walk: Helping Brands to Engage with the SDGs

Deep Time Walk的想法很簡單,但卻非常強大:在處理時間和空間的巨大空間時,我們往往無法通過研究數字來定量地掌握數量級。 一次深入的時間漫步使我們能夠走過地球歷史和宇宙的時間線,例如走4.6公里,如果我們從地球的誕生開始,每走一米就代表一百萬年。

The idea of the Deep Time Walk is simple but incredibly powerful: When dealing with the vast dimensions of time and space, we are often unable to grasp the magnitude quantitatively, just through studying the numbers. A Deep Time Walk allows us to walk the timeline of the history of the Earth and also universe, and thus for example, on a walk of 4.6km, if we start with the birth of Earth, each one-metre step represents one million years.

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