[NEWS] iTech Mission’s SDGs Dashboard to Empower Decision Makers, Citizens

如果我們想解決問題,我們需要了解它在哪裡。 要了解哪方面,我們需要地圖。 為了更好地理解地圖數據,我們需要可視化工具。 與所有決策一樣,人們早已認識到,幾乎所有開發挑戰的解決方案都依賴於從空間角度查看數據時數據的可視化。

If we want to solve a problem, we need to understand where it is. To understand the where aspect, we need maps. And to understand the map data better, we need visualization tools. Like with all decision making, it has long been realized that the solutions for almost all development challenges are dependent on visualization of data which is enhanced when data is looked at from a spatial perspective.

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