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[NEWS] All you need to know about Africa Information Highway?

非洲信息高速公路(AIH)由非洲開發銀行統計部門開發,作為世行在非洲的統計能力建設計劃(SCB)的一部分。 AIH是一個開放數據平台(ODP)的大型網絡,以電子方式鏈接所有非洲國家和16個地區組織。

總體目標是大大增加公眾獲得非洲官方和其他統計數據的機會,同時支持非洲國家改善數據的質量,管理和傳播。 AIH響應2012年非洲聯盟峰會的決定,呼籲非洲開發銀行,非洲委員會和聯合國非洲經濟委員會幫助非洲國家發展更有效的數據管理和傳播系統。

The African Information Highway (AIH) was developed by the AfDB’s Department of Statistics as part of the Bank’s statistical capacity building program (SCB) in Africa. AIH is a mega network of open data platforms (ODPs) that electronically links all African countries and 16 regional organizations.

The overall objective is to significantly increase public access to official and other statistics in Africa while supporting African countries to improve the quality, management, and dissemination of data. AIH responds to the decision of the African Union Summit 2012 that called on the AfDB, the African Commission and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa to help African countries to develop more efficient data management and dissemination systems.

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