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[NEWS] Time to Take Sports Seriously

孟加拉國一直是一個熱愛運動的國家。 無論宗教或社會和經濟背景如何,體育都會讓人們聚在一起。 我們的女子足球或板球隊是體育如何促進賦予女性權力和性別平等的明顯例子。 孟加拉國的女子足球運動員現在正在與外國女子足球聯賽競爭,這在幾年前是不可想像的。 體育對教育,健康,貿易,旅遊,工業化,技術和社會凝聚力有著許多積極的影響。 因此,體育必須在國家預算中得到優先考慮。

Bangladesh has always been a sports-loving nation. Sports brings people together irrespective of religion or social and economic background. Our women’s football or cricket teams are obvious examples of how sports can promote women’s empowerment and gender equality. Bangladesh’s women footballers are now competing with foreign women football leagues which was unthinkable even a few years ago. Sports has numerous positive impacts on education, health, trade, tourism, industrialisation, technology and social cohesion. So it goes without saying that sports must be given priority in the national budget.

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