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[NEWS] All Missions of Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs have Strong Focus on Environment and Sustainable Urban Transition

國務部長(I / C),住房和城市事務部長Sh(Hardeep Puri)表示,城市地區的可持續,均衡和一體化發展是政府的關鍵優先事項,也是城市發展模式的核心主題。 他在世界環境日之際在聯合國環境規劃署署長ErikSolheim先生,聯合國駐地協調員兼聯合國開發計劃署駐印度代表Yuri Afanasiev先生在場的情況下致辭“知識聯盟 – 智能對話” 能源與資源研究所的Ajay Mathur女士和女士。 聯合國環境大使Dia Mirza今天在這裡。噓。 普里說,我們管理我們國家的“城市化”過程的方式將成為我們能夠從多少談到“城市轉型”中獲益的關鍵驅動因素之一。

Sh. Hardeep Puri, Minister of State (I/C), Housing and Urban Affairs has stated that Sustainable, balanced and integrated development of urban areas is a key priority of the Government and a central theme in its urban growth paradigm. He was addressing ‘The Knowledge Coalition-Intelligent Conversations’ on the occasion of World Environment Day in the presence of Mr. ErikSolheim, Chief of United Nations Environment Programme, Mr. Yuri Afanasiev,UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in India, Dr. Ajay Mathur fromThe Energy and Resources Institute&Ms. Dia Mirza, UN Environment Ambassador, here today. Sh. Puri said that the way wemanage the ‘urbanization’ process in our country will be one of the key drivers of the extent to which we can reap the benefits of the much talked about “urban transition”.

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