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[NEWS] Indonesia Dukung Program SDGs Pembangunan Nasional

尼日利亞的健康/保健對於安全來說僅僅是第二大挑戰 – 公民和患者由於無法獲得護理或患者得不到照顧而死於數百人。 醫療保健工作者正在增加問題而不是解決問題 – 醫療保健需要改變尼日利亞。 目前所建立的國家衛生服務機構對於以患者為中心的醫療服務來說不具備可行性或可持續性 – 需要真正的改變。 尼日利亞的國家衛生系統就像一個擁有優秀球員的足球俱樂部,他們沒有球隊教練也沒有球隊,沒有俱樂部能夠進球。

HEALTH/healthcare in Nigeria is a challenge only second in importance to security – citizens and patients are dying in hundreds because of lack of access to care or from poor care. Healthcare workers are adding to the problems rather than solving them – Healthcare needs a change in Nigeria. The national health service as it is currently constituted, is not viable or sustainable for patient-centred care – a real change is needed. The Nigerian national health system is like a football club that has excellent players who are not coached as teams and without a team, no club can score goals.

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