[NEWS] SDGs as the Foundation for Reforms

5月28日,來自“CSO改革平台”的六位CSO領導人與吉隆坡Menara Ilham的機構改革委員會(IRC)會面。

團隊成員包括Adli Zakuan(Pusat Komas),Rozana Isa(伊斯蘭教姐妹),Jeffery Phang(MyPJ和哥打白沙羅之友),Euguene Yap(馬來西亞Gabungan Bertindak),Mansor Saat(律師委員會人權委員會) 代表Proham和馬來西亞CSO-SDG聯盟。

On May 28, six CSO leaders from the ‘CSO Platform for Reform’ met up with the Institutional Reform Committee (IRC) at Menara Ilham, Kuala Lumpur.

The team members were Adli Zakuan (Pusat Komas), Rozana Isa (Sisters in Islam), Jeffery Phang (MyPJ & Friends of Kota Damansara), Euguene Yap (Gabungan Bertindak Malaysia), Mansor Saat (Bar Council Human Rights Committee) and myself on behalf of Proham and the Malaysian CSO-SDG Alliance.

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