[NEWS] How can UK co-ops Help Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals?


祈願網站(www.coopsfor2030.coop)於2016年啟動,其中包括國際合作聯盟認為合作社可以產生最大影響的四個可持續發展領域的信息:保護環境; 改善獲得基本商品和服務的機會; 建立更可持續的糧食體系; 並消除貧困。 該網站還展示了世界各地的合作社所作的承諾。

Co-ops for 2030 is a campaign to help co-operatives learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), commit to pledges to contribute to achieving the SDGs, and report their progress.

Launched in 2016, the pledge website (www.coopsfor2030.coop) includes information on four areas of sustainable development where the International Co-operative Alliance believes co-ops can have the most impact: protecting the environment; improving access to basic goods and services; building a more sustainable food system; and eradicating poverty. The site is also displays the pledges made by co-ops around the world.

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