[NEWS] Ignite, Invigorate, and Inspire Volunteering

有近600萬澳大利亞人積極參與正式的志願服務,為需要幫助的人提供必要的服務和項目。 志願者還致力於提供政府服務,保護環境並倡導社會變革。

今年6月,志願者澳大利亞將舉辦2018年全國志願服務會議,這是澳大利亞首屈一指的志願活動。 NVC2018旨在“引燃,激勵和激勵”代表,通過應對挑戰,利用機遇和通報國家議程來推動志願服務。

There are nearly 6 million Australians actively engaged in formal volunteering, delivering essential services and programs to those in need. Volunteers also work to deliver government services, protect the environment, and advocate for social change.

This June, Volunteering Australia will host the 2018 National Volunteering Conference, Australia’s premier volunteering event. NVC2018 aims to “ignite, invigorate, and inspire” delegates to advance volunteering by addressing challenges, harnessing opportunities, and informing the national agenda.

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