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[NEWS] Impact Investment: Small is Beautiful

影響力投資界最近看到了激增的熱情。 截至4月底,KKR成為最新的私募股權公司,宣布投資數十億美元的影響力投資基金,據報導將重點關注與聯合國可持續發展目標(SDG)相關的主題。 它跟隨總部位於瑞士的合夥人集團,這是按市值計算的第二大私人股本集團,該集團於今年3月推出了10億美元的影響基金(同樣以可持續發展目標為基礎),去年TPG的20億美元上漲基金投資於地區 如農業和教育,以及貝恩資本較小的雙重影響基金。

The impact investment community has seen a surge of enthusiasm of late.  At the end of April, KKR became the latest private equity firm to announce a billion-dollar impact investing fund that will reportedly focus on themes tied to the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It follows Swiss-based Partners Group, the second-largest private equity group by market cap, which launched a $1 billion impact fund in March this year (again based around the SDGs), TPG’s $2 billion Rise fund last year, which invests in areas like agriculture and education, and Bain Capital’s smaller double impact fund.

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