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[NEWS] When (and when not) to use PPPs


一方面,備受矚目的公私合作夥伴關係(PPP)項目失敗已經對該模型的可行性產生懷疑。 另一方面,雖然公共機構最終負責提供公共服務,但一些國家的基礎設施服務不足已經引起了公共部門獨立運作能力的擔憂。

In the context of strained public finances and limited borrowing capacity for developing countries, there is growing debate on the roles of public and private actors to deliver the trillions of dollars of infrastructure necessary to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

On one hand, high-profile public-private partnership (PPP) project failures have cast doubt about the viability of the model. On the other hand, while public authorities are ultimately responsible for the delivery of public services, deficient infrastructure services in some countries have raised concerns about the ability of the public sector to deliver on its own.

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