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[NEWS] A New Indicator of Human Development at Subnational Level

聯合國開發計劃署(UNDP)每年出版的“人類發展指數”是世界上最著名的社會發展水平指標。 它向全世界幾乎所有國家展示了他們在發展的三個關鍵方面如何:教育,健康和生活水平。

然而,這一指數的一個缺點是只有國家的價值可得,而在貧窮國家,貧窮率和衛生和教育設施的可得性存在巨大的地區差異。 離首都和大城市越遠,教育和衛生設施越弱,經濟機會越少。

The Human Development Index, published each year by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), is the world’s most famous indicator of the level of development of societies. It shows for almost all countries in the world how they fare with regard to three key aspects of development: education, health and standard of living.

A disadvantage of this index is however that only national values are available, whereas, particularly within poor countries, there is huge subnational variation in poverty rates and in the availability of health and educational facilities. The farther one moves from capital and big cities, the weaker the educational and health facilities and the less the economic opportunities.

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