[NEWS] How to Pay for Africa’s Education Gains

非洲正處於教育危機之中。 儘管承諾在2030年前改善所有兒童接受教育的機會,但許多非洲國家政府未能為聯合國可持續發展目標的雄心勃勃的組成部分提供資金。 仍然有時間來解決融資短缺問題,但前提是新的投資策略要有活力。

今天,全球大約一半的年輕人,包括約4億名女孩,都沒有受過教育,未來在工作場所獲得成功。 這一挑戰在非洲最為尖銳; 儘管撒哈拉以南非洲地區75%的女孩開始上學,但只有8%完成了中等教育。

Africa is in the midst of an education crisis. Despite pledges to improve access to education for all children by 2030, many African governments are failing to fund this ambitious component of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. There is still time to address the financing shortfall, but only if new investment strategies are embraced with vigor.

Today, roughly half of the world’s young people, including some 400 million girls, are not being educated to succeed in the workplace of the future. This challenge is most acute in Africa; although 75 percent of girls in Sub-Saharan Africa start school, only 8 percent complete secondary education.

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