[NEWS] Pernod Ricard leads Responsib’ALL Day coast cleanup at Taal Lake

保樂力加,世界領先的葡萄酒和烈性酒公司之一,將於今年6月在八打雁的塔爾市舉辦第八屆負責人日。 這項活動將由所有員工參加,旨在清理Balete和Mataas na Kahoy鎮的海岸線。 他們還會向塔爾湖漁民捐贈水族養殖箱,以幫助他們評估魚類生長和水生活力的水質狀況。

水是保樂力加所有產品的關鍵組成部分,也是本集團組織清理的靈感來源。 與塔爾地方政府,塔爾湖保護中心或Pusod公司,Bato-Balani基金會和法國 – 菲律賓聯合行動合作,沿海清理希望能夠阻止塔爾湖的退化並有助於其保護。

Pernod Ricard, one of the world’s leading wines and spirits companies, will be conducting its 8th Responsib’ALL Day this June at the municipality of Taal, Batangas. The activity, which will be attended by all of its employees, aims to clean up the shoreline of the towns of Balete and Mataas na Kahoy. They will also donate Aqua Culture Kits to Taal Lake fisherfolk to help them assess water conditions for fish growth and water viability.  

Water is a key ingredient in all of Pernod Ricard’s products and is the inspiration for the Group to organize the cleanup. Done in cooperation with the Local Government of Taal, the Taal Lake Conservation Center or Pusod, Inc., the Bato-Balani Foundation and France-Philippines United Action, the coastal cleanup hopes to arrest the degradation of Taal Lake and contribute to its conservation.

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