[NEWS] Wine Maker Leads Coastal Cleanup of Taal Lake Areas

世界領先的葡萄酒和烈性酒公司之一Pernod Ricard將於週四在八打雁的Balete和Mataas na Kahoy市,特別是Bobngays Poblacion和Balangays市舉辦第八屆“責任人日”。Kinalaglagan。

該活動將由所有保樂力加員工參加,旨在清理Balete和Mataas na Kahoy鎮的海岸線。 他們還會向塔爾湖漁民捐贈水產養殖箱,以幫助他們評估魚類生長和水生活力的水情況。

Pernod Ricard, one of the world’s leading wines and spirits companies, will be conducting its 8th “Responsib’ALL Day” on Thursday at the municipalities of Balete and Mataas na Kahoy in Batangas, specifically barangays Poblacion and. Kinalaglagan.

The activity, to be attended by all Pernod Ricard employees, aims to clean up the shoreline of the towns of Balete and Mataas na Kahoy. They will also donate aquaculture kits to Taal Lake fisherfolk to help them assess water conditions for fish growth and water viability.

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