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[NEWS] AC/VC: The Shock of WHO Funding

當學者們談論捐助者對世衛組織的影響力時,往往難以確定。 但是在這裡,你有它,黑色和白色:捐助者資助x,但不是y; 世衛組織知道,從戰略角度進行審議並起草反映這些捐助者偏好的預算; 預計y的資金短缺; 世衛組織改變其行為(其總部和區域辦事處成為’催化劑’,他們尋求’合作’(與消極安全部門,即工業部門解讀合作夥伴關係);他們落後於任何發展時尚潮流(例如可持續發展目標)。 然後聽到泰德羅斯在講話中說出“不接受現狀”這樣的陳詞濫調(WHA 71上的結尾地址),你不禁要問他是誰在開玩笑。

When academics talk about donor influence over the WHO, it’s often difficult to pin down. But here you have it, in black and white: donors fund x but not y; WHO knows that, thinks strategically and drafts a budget that reflects those donor preferences; there is an anticipated shortfall in funds for y; WHO changes its behavior (its HQ and ROs become ‘catalysts’, they seek ‘collaboration’ (read partnerships with NSAs i.e. industry); and they get behind whatever development fad is en vogue(the SDGs, for example). When you spell it out like that, and then hear Tedros address MS with pep talk platitudes like “don’t accept the status quo” (closing address at WHA 71) you can’t help but wonder who he’s kidding.

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