[NEWS] Agric Innovation Needed if ‘Ghana Beyond Aid’ Will Materialise – 2009 Best farmer


公報的約40名簽署人包括Davies Korboe先生,尼日利亞農民協會副主席Nana Aisha Bashir,曾任印度聯合農民授權倡議全國論壇主席的Ravichandran VK V,Jurua Jackson McPeace 烏干達全國農民聯合會副主席,烏干達議會農民和議員Isaac Mulindwa Sssozi,以及來自阿根廷,南非,肯尼亞,馬拉維,菲律賓,越南等國的農民。

The communique noted modern Agric biotechnology has proven to immensely contribute to dealing with Agric sector challenges like increasing pesticide and chemical application to food production, and should thus be part of the package of tools required to achieve the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The about 40 signatories to the communique included Mr. Davies Korboe, Nana Aisha Bashir who is Vice President of the All Farmers Association of Nigeria, Ravichandran V. K. V who is past president of the National Forum for United Farmers Empowerment Initiative in India, Jurua Jackson McPeace who is Vice President of the Uganda National Farmers Federation, Isaac Mulindwa Sssozi who is a farmer and member of Parliament in Uganda, as well as farmers from Argentina, South Africa, Kenya, Malawi, Philippines, Vietnam, among others.

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