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[NEWS] International Forum on Food and Nutrition: EU needs a “revolution in thinking” to support sustainable agriculture

這是周三在布魯塞爾發表演講的Barilla食品和營養中心(BCFN)基金會副主席Paolo Barilla的聲明。

歐盟當前的農業支出 – 目前正在審查中,作為長期歐盟預算(MFF)的一部分 – 強調商品的生產和環境保護。


他在國際食品與營養論壇上發表講話時說:“我們繼續生活在這樣的世界:三分之一的食物被浪費了,而近10億人挨餓,貧窮,飢餓和氣候變化迫使越來越多的人 他們的家園。

This was the claim by Paolo Barilla, Vice-Chair of the Barilla Centre for Food and Nutrition (BCFN), Foundation who was speaking in Brussels on Wednesday.

Current EU farm spending – now under review as part of the long term-EU budget (MFF) – emphasises production of commodity products and the preservation of the environment.

Instead, Barilla argued that policies should focus on promoting healthy, nutritious and affordable foods.

Speaking at the International Forum on Food and Nutrition, he said, “We continue to live in a world where a third of food is wasted while nearly one billion people are hungry and in which poverty, hunger and climate change force more and more people from their homes.

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