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[NEWS] UNDP Identifies Belarus’ Sustainable Development Engines

達成可持續發展目標的區域會議戰略和夥伴關係定於6月6日至7日在明斯克Johannes Rau國際教育和交流中心(IBB Minsk)舉行。 參加此次活動的有270名代表政府機構,私營部門,白俄羅斯和德國的公共組織和倡議以及國際組織。

The regional conference Strategies and Partnership for Reaching the SDGs is scheduled to take place in the Johannes Rau International Center for Education and Exchange in Minsk (IBB Minsk) on 6-7 June. Taking part in the event are 270 people representing government agencies, the private sector, public organizations and initiatives from Belarus and Germany, and international organizations.

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