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[NEWS] Zambia: Africa Day 2018

考慮到愛爾蘭在可持續發展目標(SDGs)談判中的核心作用,愛爾蘭援助致力於確保2018年非洲日是一個可持續發展的環保活動。 有鑑於此,非洲日將是一個嚴格禁止停車的活動。 強烈建議與會者將他們的汽車留在家中,或者步行,騎自行車或乘坐公共交通工具前往Farmleigh。 從Heuston車站附近的Parkgate街將有免費的都柏林公交班車服務客人往返Farmleigh。 今年的非洲日慶祝活動將免費舉行,並且為了符合愛爾蘭援助組織促進可持續發展目標的承諾,鼓勵與會者在手機上出示門票以減少紙張浪費。

Reflecting Ireland’s central role in negotiating the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Irish Aid is committed to ensuring that Africa Day 2018 is a sustainable and environmentally-friendly event. In this light, Africa Day will be a strictly no parking event. Participants are strongly encouraged to leave their cars at home and to either walk, cycle or travel on public transport to Farmleigh. There will be free Dublin Bus shuttles from Parkgate Street near Heuston station to take guests to and from Farmleigh. This year’s Africa Day celebrations will be a free ticketed event and, in keeping with Irish’s Aid’s commitment to promoting the SDGs, participants are encouraged to present tickets on their phone to reduce paper waste.

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