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[NEWS] Moeda Loyalty Points (MDA) Market Cap Makes It to $15,036,513 as Price at $0.76604

引自“MOEDA是一個旨在提供移動借貸系統的合作加密信貸銀行即服務平台。 Moeda將提供多用途的數字身份和機會來建立信譽和聲譽。 它還將為投資者提供SDG調整影響力投資的實時透明度,加密保證區塊鏈記錄和合同的信任,同時促進社區投資的擴展,支付交易和為更多客戶提供在線服務.Moeda令牌(MDA)受社會支持 與綠十字巴西簽署合同,以實現聯合國可持續發展目標(SDGs)。 一旦銷售結束,代幣將可轉讓。

Quoted from “MOEDA is a Cooperative Crypto Credit Banking-as-a-Service Platform designed to provide a mobile lending system. Moeda will provide a multi-purpose digital identity and opportunities to build credit-worthiness and reputation. It will also give investors real-time transparency of SDG-aligned Impact Investment, trust of cryptographically assured blockchain records and contracts while facilitating the scaling of community investments, payment transactions and service more customers online.Moeda Tokens (MDA) are backed by a social contract in loyal support of Green Cross Brazil to achieve the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The tokens will be transferable once the sale has concluded.

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