IUU捕魚對生計,魚類種群和環境產生負面影響。 它也可能與其他非法活動有關,例如販運毒品和武器,販運人口,虐待勞工,甚至奴役。



IUU fishing has negative impacts on livelihoods, fish stocks and the environment. It may also be connected to other illicit activities, such as trafficking of narcotics and weapons, human trafficking, labour abuses and even slavery.

It also threatens progress on achieving sustainable fisheries management, which is one of the targets of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

FAO is delivering a global capacity development programme to help developing states improve their capacity to monitor their own fleets and screen foreign vessels visiting their ports, as well as monitoring their coastal zones, so that they can ensure the sustainability of fisheries resources within their waters.

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