[NEWS] Towards Food Security in Nigeria

可持續發展目標(SDGs)的目標之一是消除全球的飢餓。 儘管全球各地日益不安全,特別是在像尼日利亞這樣的發展中國家,這項任務似乎是不可能實現的。

糧食安全是人類生存和經濟活動包括糧食生產不可或缺的先決條件。 尼日利亞是一個相信擁有豐富的自然資源和人力資源的國家,如果妥善管理或利用,尼日利亞可以供養其人民,甚至出口到其他國家。 然而,該國正在經歷持續的糧食不安全狀況。

One of the objectives of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is to eliminate hunger across the globe. This task seems impossible but achievable despite rising insecurity across the world, especially in developing nations like Nigeria.

Food security is indispensable prerequisite for the survival of man and his economic activities, including food production. Nigeria is a country believed to be richly blessed with abundant natural and human resources that if properly managed or harnessed can feed its people and even exported to other countries. Yet, the country is experiencing persistent food insecurity.

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