[NEWS] Vienna Energy Forum and the R20 Austrian World Summit 2018: Feedback of a Participant

這就是’nexus’這個概念進入房間的地方,我不得不說它不止一次是由IIASA副主任Nebojsa Nakicenovic提出的。 聯繫方式意味著採取綜合方法並理解問題和解決方案,交叉和反彈效應以及協同作用; 對後者而言,我們應該集中精力,盡量以最小的努力最大限度地提高效果。 研究這個關係涉及解決水,能源和食品部門之間的相互依存關係,同時也擴大了其他關鍵方面,如健康,貧窮,教育和性別等。 總體而言,這意味著追求可持續發展目標(SDGs)。

This is where the concept of ‘nexus’ entered the room, and I have to say that more than once it was brought up by IIASA Deputy Director General Nebojsa Nakicenovic. A nexus approach means adopting an integrated approach and understanding both the problems and the solutions, the cross and rebound effects, and the synergies; and it is on the latter that we should focus our efforts to maximize the effect with minimal effort. Looking at the nexus involves addressing the interdependencies between the water, energy, and food sectors, but also expanding the reach to other critical dimensions such as health, poverty, education, and gender. Overall, this means pursuing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
VEF2018 banner.

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