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[NEWS] 15th Anniversary of UN Convention Against Corruption: Tackling Corruption From the Top Down Essential


“解決腐敗,賄賂和洗錢以及追回被盜資產是可持續發展目標16下的具體目標。此外,這種行動顯然是維持外國投資,創新和經濟增長的先決條件,”他說。 “但是,反腐敗反應對於確保獲得醫療保健,水,教育和其他重要服務,保護森林,海洋和野生動物以及減少不平等至關重要。”


Mr. Fedotov further highlighted the importance of the Convention for achieving targets under the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

“Tackling corruption, bribery and money laundering, as well as recovering stolen assets, are specific targets under SDG 16. Moreover, such action is clearly a prerequisite to sustaining foreign investment, innovation and economic growth, “he said. “But anti-corruption responses are also crucial to ensuring access to healthcare, water, education and other vital services; protecting forests, oceans and wildlife; and reducing inequalities.”

Going forward, he urged governments to provide resources for effective implementation of the Convention, particularly to support developing countries, and underscored the need for reliable anti-corruption data to measure SDG progress.

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