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[NEWS] ICHCA, IAPH Joins for World Ports Sustainability Program


IAPH董事總經理兼WPSP協調員Patrick Verhoeven總結道:“由於大多數IAPH成員都是地主港務局,該諒解備忘錄提高了貨物處理公司的寶貴經驗和專業知識,以表明我們在實現可持續發展方面的全球領先地位。 我們也期待與ICHCA密切合作,加強在IMO等全球論壇上的口岸聲音。“

Guided by the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the program wants to enhance and coordinate future sustainability efforts of ports worldwide and foster international cooperation with partners in the supply chain.

IAPH Managing Director and WPSP Coordinator Patrick Verhoeven concluded: “With most of the IAPH members being landlord port authorities, this MoU valorises the valuable experience and know-how of cargo handling companies in our joint ambition to demonstrate global leadership of port communities in achieving sustainable development. We also look forward to working closely with ICHCA in strengthening the voice of ports in global fora such as the IMO.”

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