[NEWS] Role Model of Economic Development

孟加拉國已將其國家發展計劃與聯合國可持續發展目標(SDG)結合起來。 因此,孟加拉國在社會領域的成功非常顯著,聯合國和其他國際組織恰當地指出了這一點。 孟加拉國現在經常被稱為“經濟發展的榜樣”。 肯定的是,畢業會帶來一些挑戰,因為該國在2027年之後將不再有資格對最不發達國家作出讓步。 但在最早的時刻自力更生也是民族自豪感的問題。

Bangladesh has aligned her national development plans with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As a result, Bangladesh’s success in social sectors has been remarkable, which has been duly noted by the UN and other international organisations. Bangladesh is now often mentioned as a ‘role model of economic development’. Surely, the graduation will pose some challenges as the country will no longer be eligible for concessions for LDC countries after 2027; but it is also a matter of national pride to be self-reliant at the earliest hour.

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