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[NEWS] Sabah Government Urged to Pursue Second Unesco Site


沙巴環境信託首席執行官Rahimatsah Amat表示,Danum Valley-Maliau盆地 – 伊姆巴克峽谷(達邁)熱帶雨林綜合體包含非洲大陸上最後一個完整的原始森林和野生動物棲息地,值得享有世界級的地位。

A conservation expert has urged the new state government to make good on its pledge on environmental preservation, including to pursue Unesco recognition for a conservation belt in the heart of Sabah.

Sabah Environmental Trust chief executive Rahimatsah Amat said the Danum Valley-Maliau Basin-Imbak Canyon (Damai) rainforest complex, which contains one of the last intact primary forest and wildlife habitats on the continent, deserved a world-class status.

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