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[NEWS] StarTimes To Partner Nigeria On Digitalisation, Youth Empowerment

中國北京星際時尚集團中國區品牌與市場部海外公關總監William Masy先生表示,StarTimes正在與尼日利亞政府合作,推動尼日利亞青年的數字化和賦權,以符合聯合國可持續發展 目標(SDG)。

Masy在星期三在中國北京接待了一位尼日利亞記者代表團的訪問時指出:“StarTimes Media和SOS兒童村國際已經合作,支持貧困家庭,特別是擴大所有人的當地學習機會,其中包括就業, 指導,技術,媒體曝光等等。“

The Overseas Public Relations Director, Brand and Market Department, StarTimes Group, Beijing, China, Mr. William Masy, has said that StarTimes is working in collaboration with the Nigerian government to promote digitalisation and empower Nigerian youth in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

While receiving in audience a delegation of Nigerian journalists in Beijing, China, on Wednesday, Masy noted that “StarTimes Media and the SOS Children’s Villages International have partnered to support under-privileged families and specifically widen local learning opportunities for all, which includes employment, mentorship, technical, media exposure, among others.”

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