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[NEWS] The Human Right to Safe Drinking Water


因此,沒有乾淨的水和適當的衛生條件,這是所有人的權利,不平等將會增加,兒童的發育將受到阻礙,母親將繼續因感染死亡,因為助產士無法洗手,整個2030年發展議程將 被阻止。

A life free of preventable deadly diseases, children having to walk for miles in search of dirty water, assault on girls and women because they defecate in the open, sick children missing school and the continuous cycle of extreme poverty.

Thus, without clean water and proper sanitation, which are the rights of all humans, inequalities will grow, children’s development will be hindered, mothers will continue to die due to infections because midwives are unable to wash their hands and the entire 2030 Development Agenda will be held back.

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