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[NEWS] Building the Shared Value Ecosystem in Africa – Insights from 2018 Africa Shared Value Summit

2018年非洲共享價值最強烈的主題之一是企業投資創造可持續共享價值生態系統以獲得長期成功的重要性。 強調夥伴關係和有效合作最終導致了共享價值非洲倡議(SVAI)的啟動,該倡議是非洲共享價值倡議的獨家區域合作夥伴,旨在擴大和支持非洲大陸的共享價值社區。

One of the strongest themes of the 2018 Africa Shared Value was the importance of businesses investing in the creation of sustainable Shared Value ecosystems for long-term success. This emphasis on partnerships and effective collaboration culminated in the launch of the Shared Value Africa Initiative (SVAI), the exclusive regional partner of the Shared Value Initiative in Africa, which aims to expand and support the Shared Value community on the African continent.

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