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[NEWS] Here’s How IKEA has Committed To Becoming A “Climate Positive” Company By 2030

正如國家地理雜誌所說,塑料很快成為“拯救生命的奇蹟產品和地球的禍害”。 比如,如果您要求我在一天內使用的所有塑料產品的名稱贏得100萬美元,我就會失去這筆錢。 話雖如此,塑料對環境的有害影響比Etsy上的Nicolas Cage枕頭更可怕。 美國的回收利用率僅為9%,許多公司正在減少使用塑料 – 現在可以將宜家添加到清單中。

When it comes to materials, plastic has quickly become both a “life-saving miracle product and the scourge of the Earth,” as National Geographic puts it. Like, if you asked me to name all the plastic products I use in a day to win $1 million dollars, I’d lose the money. That being said, the harmful effects plastic has on the environment are even more horrifying than that Nicolas Cage pillow on Etsy. With a recycling rate of just 9% in the United States, many companies are cutting back their use of plastic — and now you can add IKEA to the list.

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