[NEWS] Pernod Ricard Ghana Holds 8th Edition of Responsib’All Day

世界上最好的烈酒和葡萄酒飲料公司,保樂力加已經組織完成了第八屆“責任日”。 該活動於2018年6月7日舉行,開啟了令人興奮的冒險之旅:“將Osu Klottey Lagoon帶回生活”。

保樂力加相信公司有責任,必須成為環境保護的領導者。 因此,該公司與Impact 2030簽署了合作夥伴關係,將來自私營部門,民間社會和學術界的參與者聚集在一起,鼓勵員工幫助實現聯合國的可持續發展目標(SDGs)。

World’s finest spirits and wines beverage company, Pernod Ricard has organised the 8th edition of Responsib’ALL Day. The event, which took place on 7th June 2018, started with an exciting adventure: “Bringing the Osu Klottey Lagoon back to life”.

Pernod Ricard believes that companies have a responsibility and must be leaders in environmental protection. As such, the company signed a partnership with Impact 2030 to bring together actors from the private sector, civil society and academia to encourage employees to help achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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