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[NEWS] Are British Muslim charities failing domestic causes?

在齋月結束之後,這個時候穆斯林比今年剩下的時間更加慷慨,為穆斯林慈善事業部門提供一些啟示是有益的,在過去的10年裡,穆斯林慈善事業發展迅速 目前在英國境內有1000家註冊慈善機構。

從收集當地社區資金的小清真寺到大型國際非政府組織,現在有許多可靠的組織旨在為穆斯林捐助者提供服務。 隨著慈善捐贈在伊斯蘭教中被認為是一種非常重要的和精神上有益的敬拜行為,穆斯林往往是英國最慷慨的社區團體之一。

Following the end of the holy month of Ramadan, a time when Muslims become more generous than the rest of the year, it will be useful to shed some light on the Muslim charity sector, a sector has grown rapidly over the last 10 years with over 1000 registered charities currently within the UK.

From small mosques gathering funds for the local community to large, international NGOs, there are now plenty of credible organisations aimed at providing service to the Muslim donor. With charitable giving considered a hugely important and spiritually rewarding act of worship in Islam, Muslims are often one of the most generous community groups in the UK.

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