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[NEWS] Experts Share Recommendations to Eliminate Lymphatic Filariasis at the 10th GAELF Meeting

來自會議的各個小組會議的重要建議包括消除淋巴絲蟲病的各個方面,如創新療法,發病率管理,殘疾預防和患者的精神健康。 其中一些建議包括:


Key recommendations, from the various group sessions at the meeting, covered aspects of Lymphatic Filariasis elimination like innovative treatments, morbidity management and disability prevention and mental well-being of patients. Some of the recommendations include:

National Lymphatic Filariasis programs should aim to include and address the new WHO frameworks for NTDs (neglected tropical diseases) and for the SDGs (sustainable development goals) under the target of providing universal health care (UHC).

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