[NEWS] Sustainability a Fundamental Constituent for Sofidel in Value Creation Process

隨著全球對環境保護的認識不斷提高,Sofidel作為歐洲第二大紙巾組織行業的領導者和第二大公司,將可持續發展作為其價值創造過程的基本組成部分。 憑藉Regina品牌在英國組織類別中超過50年的增長,Sofidel通過其衛生和家用衛生紙產品的開發和創新繼續對環境產生積極影響。

As the world turns its awareness to the protection of the environment, Sofidel, an industry leader and the 2nd largest company in tissue category in Europe, prioritises sustainability as a fundamental constituent in its value creation process. With more than 50 years of growth in the tissue category specifically in the UK with the Regina brand, Sofidel continues to have a positive impact on the environment through development and innovation for its hygienic and domestic tissue products.

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