[NEWS] Govt spearheads green agriculture

總統和內閣辦公室正在率先將農業綠色創新納入主流,以緩解氣候變化對農業表現和經濟的影響。 姆南加瓜總統的政府正在推動所有部門的經濟發展,因此應該推動津巴布韋到2030年實現中等收入經濟。

截至2017年7月,中等收入國家是人均國民總收入在1 005美元至12 235美元之間的國家。

The Office of the President and Cabinet is spearheading the mainstreaming of green innovations in agriculture to mitigate the effects of climate change to agricultural performance and the economy. President Mnangagwa’s Government is pushing for economic development across all sectors, which should consequently propel Zimbabwe to a middle income economy by 2030.

As of July 2017, middle-income countries are nations with a per capita gross national income of between $1 005 and $12 235.

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