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[NEWS] ECA Supports Member Countries for Faster SDG Implementation in North Africa


本次會議旨在評估在北非實施可持續發展目標所取得的進展,現有挑戰,良好做法和經驗教訓。 這次活動將由負責可持續發展目標督導和審查的北非機構(阿爾及利亞,埃及,利比亞,毛里塔尼亞,摩洛哥,蘇丹和突尼斯),阿拉伯馬格里布聯盟(UMA)總秘書處代表,聯合國機構和 幾個區域和國際發展組織。

The ECA Office for North Africa will organise on 26-27 June in Rabat, Morocco a sub-regional meeting on SDG (Sustainable Development Goal) implementation in North Africa.

This meeting aims to assess the progress made, existing challenges, good practices and lessons learned regarding the implementation of SDGs in North Africa. This event will take place with the participation of North African institutions in charge of SDG steering and review (Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Sudan and Tunisia), delegates from the Arab Maghreb Union (UMA) General Secretariat, UN agencies and several regional & international development organisations.

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